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At GuidanceIT Consulting, “customer first” is not a cliché; it’s our business philosophy. It’s important to us to deliver the attention and care of a local provider while offering and maintaining all the capabilities of a national data center and infrastructure services provider. It’s more than delivering quality customer service; it’s providing Always On service to our customers. We have a team of qualified technicians ready to provide support any time, day or night, 24/7/365.

Who We Are

Technicians with more than 20+ years IT Infrastructural industry experience

Our Mission

Help our Partners achieve their goals and dreams through technology.

What We Do

Provide Reliable, High Quality Honest & Ethical IT Solutions for our Partners so their businesses Succeed and Grow exponentially.

Integrity is our Foundation

We hold ourselves to these high standards in all of our financial, business, and community dealings. We are motivated by delivering solutions that dynamically impact our customers. Regardless of industry or company size, we are committed to serving as a trusted advisor and empowering people to do great things through technology. Loving where we work helps our customers love working with us. There is a distinct joy that stems from happy, satisfied people who are working towards a common goal. we care about the people using the technology. We believe that by putting people first, we can make a difference in more than just IT. We are energized by the constant transformation of technology. With every change in the business or IT world, we evolve and look for new ways to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We strategize and execute growth any way possible because business success doesn’t “just happen”. It requires vigilant and relentless work and that’s exactly what we give. We have a responsibility to positively impact society and our community on both a personal and business level.

Core Values We Stand by

Trust & Respect

We will honor the golden rule of treating each other as we want to be treated, as it’s critical to our company’s mission and relationships within.


We hold each other to unquestionable standards of honesty and ethics in words and actions and operate with transparency.


We hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable for adherence to our values and all other commitments we make.


We drive to deliver reliable and predictable results on all our commitments.


We demonstrate the flexibility and agility needed to succeed in a world of complexity, ambiguity and change.


We inspire and lead each other to greatness and overcome any obstacles that may stand in our way, regardless of role. Our leaders are part of the team, not separate and above.